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Winter Travel Reminders!

Hello Brothers and Sisters:

With the non-typical winter weather we are experiencing, I thought it prudent to do this reminder.

Please remember that even though the weather is good today, it can change quick quickly.

- Ensure that in your travels, you have a 72-hour and winter driving kit with you at all


- Let someone know when you are leaving, and when you plan to arrive, as well as travel


- Have winter clothing, easily accessible, bring an extra blanket.

- Ensure you always have at least a ½ tank of fuel, and a jerry can.

- Electric vehicles, ensure you have sufficient charge so if you are stopped by weather or

breakdown, you have enough charge to last a few hours.

- Have high energy food/snacks and water with you.

- Check local weather, and weather along your travel route.

- Have your cell phone fully charged at all times, consider having a battery pack.

- Know your limits, both for driving various weather condition, and the roads you will be

traveling on

- Take breaks, 5 minutes every hour, will keep you focused and energized.

- Ask for the Lord’s guidance, and safety.

Be safe.

Brother Gord Sands

Stake Emergency Response Specialist

Vernon BC Stake


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