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We Are Standing Together

Dear Church Family, We want you to know that we care deeply for each of you during this extremely challenging time. We've come to understand that over 100 families within our Stake have been evacuated, some are on alert, and many are currently displaced, with a few having lost their homes. Additionally, we recognize the incredible efforts of those who have offered their homes and support to assist fellow ward members and their communities. The wildfires have affected the entire Vernon BC Stake, stretching from Oliver to the North Shuswap and beyond. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you endure these heart-wrenching circumstances. Please remember that your extended stake family situated throughout the valley stands by your side and is ready to provide assistance whenever and wherever needed. You don't have to face these challenging times alone. We've compiled a list of families in Kelowna, Vernon, and Salmon Arm who have willingly offered their homes to you and your loved ones. Please reach out to your Bishopric or Relief Society President to update them on your safety, plans and current situation, and if there's any way we can offer a loving hand of support. We appreciate your patience as we work on improving our communication methods across the Stake. This site will be a Stake Communications site that will serve as a platform for Emergency Updates like these, as well as Stake News and Events to ensure you have the information you need when you need it. Please find at the foot of this site an area where leaders or members can Submit News and Events !
With love and support, Your Stake Communications Team
(Submitted by Mehgan Carbrera)


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